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20 Most Popular Wedding Video Songs to Choose From

featured image - 20 Most Popular Wedding Video Songs to Choose From

Every wedding video is a unique piece of art.

In 2020, more couples are observed to have steered away from the “norm” and opted for more personalised options to celebrate their union through their wedding video. One approach is through careful selection of their favourite songs to set the intended mood, tone, and emotions in telling their love story.

Complemented with the right song choice, a wedding video has the power to evoke feelings of love, happiness, and nostalgia!

Before engaging a professional team to craft your wedding video, you should shortlist a number of songs that could possibly complement your love story, then let the videography team work their magic with the significant moments captured on your special day.

List of 20 Inspirational Wedding Songs

Not sure which songs to choose? Fret not, we have specially curated 20 of the most popular wedding video songs to help inspire you!

  1. “Best Part” – Tim Halperin

    best part tim halperin


    This beautiful piece by Tim Halperin starts off with a slow piano ballad that gradually transitions into an uplifting song with its enchanting lyrics.

    The perfect song for the starting scenes of any wedding video – it perfectly encapsulates the long-awaited day where two hearts finally become one.

    Lyrics: “This is the best part/ I dreamed of this moment with you/ You have my whole heart/ Now to forever, it’s true/ This is the best part/ You are the best part”

  2. “If I Got You” – Volunteer

    if i got you volunteer


    This happy and upbeat song by Volunteer captures the adventurous and carefree spirits of two people who found their way to each other – its catchy and fast-paced tempo works as the perfect build-up to the afterparty or highlights of the reception!

    Lyrics: “Only time will tell what we’re made of/ I feel like myself when I have your love/ I don’t really mind all the waiting/ If I got you”

  3. “You Are Mine” – Secret Nation (ft. Spencer Combs & Holley Maher)

    you are mine secret nation


    It’s hard not to fall in love with this song by Secret Nation with its hopeful melody and equally dreamy lyrics.

    If you want a song that expresses your unconditional commitment and dedication to your partner – this is the one to go for!

    Lyrics: “Oh I will, forever and always/ Put you before me, to the end of time/ Until then, my last breath rolls in/ Oh I am yours and you are mine”

  4. “My Love Will Not Change” – Marie Hines (ft. Jordan Critz)

    my love will not change marie hines


    A piano-driven ballad about how your love will never change through the ebbs and flows of the next chapter with your forever partner.

    Marie’s ethereal vocals are enough to get anyone emotional while watching your ceremony unfold on video!

    Lyrics: “Breathing in the feeling like we’ve just begun/ Feels like we’re flying but it’s steady ground/ In all the chaos and the quiet/ You’re my safe and sound”

  5. “All For You” – The Light The Heat

    all for you the light the heat


    This heartfelt song describes how every relationship has its share of mountains to climb, and how the love for your partner will get you two through even the most difficult times – together.

    A sentimental piece that will fit in perfectly during the exchange of your wedding vows.

    Lyrics: “I’ll never stop chasing your heart/ My love is yours to hold/ Through every high and every low/ Our love will only grow”

  6. “Be Still” – Bethel Music

    be still bethel music


    If you are having a Christian wedding ceremony and trying to find the perfect song for your video, the soothing vocals accompanied with spiritual lyrics in this piece is all you need to convey love, joy, and hope in your ceremony.

    Lyrics: “For You alone are God, there will be no other/ And You have won my heart more than any other/ So I will give it all ‘cause You gave it all for me”

  7. “When I’m With You” – Sheffield

    when i'm with you sheffield


    This acoustic piece by Sheffield talks about all the sweet memories shared between two lovebirds and how everything is better when they are together.

    A comforting song that is easy to listen to and tells a lovely tale of starting a new chapter with your partner – both in video and in real-life!

    Lyrics: “When I’m with you/ I know that you feel the same way too/ It shows in every little thing you do/ Nothing’s better/ Than when I’m with you”

  8. “So Will I” – Hillsong United

    so will i hillsong united


    Another Christian song but this time, by the well-loved worship band Hillsong United.

    The lyrics speak for itself – there’s no better way to celebrate your union than a song that resonates with you and your faith!

    Lyrics: “I can see Your heart in everything You’ve done/ Every part designed in a work of art called love/ If You gladly choose surrender so will I”

  9. “Real Love” – Hillsong Young & Free

    real love hillsong y&f


    It’s hard not to find yourself swaying and singing along to this song – a great choice for couples who want a worship song that is a lot more upbeat and cheerful, it can be used in a variety of scenes and is sure to bring a special spark to your video!

    Lyrics: “You’re pulling me closer and closer/ Holding my heart till the very end/ Jesus I’m found in Your freedom/ This is real love”

  10. “Way We Do” – Animal Island

    way we do animal island


    The ultimate electro-pop song for the couples who want to stray away from the usual instrumentals – this song goes from 0 to 100 right from the beginning to capture all the fun and jovial moments of your big day!

    Lyrics: “Do or die/ It’s me and you/ Always stick together/ Yeah you know/ It’s just the way we do”

  11. “Obvious” – CHPTRS

    obvious chprtrs


    This song is an obvious (no pun intended) choice for couples who don’t want too many vocals in their video.

    Especially during the most important moments such as the exchange of wedding vows, this simple yet heavenly tune will blend in perfectly to melt your heart at the right moment!

    Lyrics: “Isn’t it obvious?/ You were right in front of me/ With the answer/ With the answer”

  12. “Part Of Me” – By The Coast

    part of me by the coast


    This soulful and heart-warming song will remind you of all the precious times shared with your partner that led you both to your big day.

    There’s a part of them that completes you and vice versa, and this cinematic piece perfectly captures that and more.

    Lyrics: “I’m not sure if I even really know me/ But something in you feels like myself/ There’s a way I see you in this moment/ And I will hold it all of my life”

  13. “Let’s Get Together” – King Rose

    lets get together king rose


    This song holds plenty of good vibes that bring back the rush of ecstatic emotions you felt at your ceremony – it takes you on a wild ride with its rock and indie beats that just like its lyrics say: “so keep it coming!”

    Lyrics: “Let’s get together/ Let’s get to having some fun/ Let’s do whatever/ The nights looking so young”

  14. “Write a New Story” – Bloom & The Bliss

    write a new story bloom & the bliss


    If you are looking for something more playful to kickstart your wedding video, this indie song will not let you down.

    Whether it is to accompany the smiling faces of your loved ones or the first dance, the jovial sounds of the tambourine and drums are sure to get you dancing!

    Lyrics: “I am yours and baby you’re mine/ Come on let’s go for a ride/ We’ll light up the night singing/ I’m never gonna let you go”

  15. “Make Our Own Luck” – Noble Heart

    make our own luck noble heart


    Here’s another song featuring cheerful tones and equally lively vocals to get you in high spirits while reminiscing on the highlights of your wedding!

    This piece will make you feel like you can take on the world with your forever partner, and is the perfect symbolism of embarking on a new chapter, hand-in-hand.

    Lyrics: “Every day, our own adventure/ You and me, one perfect picture/ I’m all good as long as I’m with you/ Oh let’s go”

  16. “I Got You” – Anders Sohn

    I got you anders sohn


    Let everyone who watches your wedding video know that you and your lover have always got each other’s backs – this song is full of sunshine combined with a catchy bop to symbolize the crazy amount of love you have for your significant other!

    Lyrics: “I got you honey and you got me/ I got all I could ever need/ It’s like you walked out of my wildest dreams”

  17. “Hand To Hold” – JJ Heller

    i dream of you jj heller


    This song features a soft and soul-stirring tune that expresses your well-wishes for your partner and your dedication to always be there for them.

    A great choice for the moment when the bride makes her first entrance and walks down the wedding aisle.

    Lyrics: “May the living light inside you be the compass as you go/ May you always know you have my hand to hold”

  18. “Cool” – Knox Hamilton

    cool knox hamilton


    A feel-good song to have in your wedding video, “Cool” is all about a guy who is head over heels for a girl and how perfect she is in his eyes.

    If you and your partner can resonate with this story – this song is definitely the perfect theme song for your romantic movie!

    Lyrics: “Keep your head up baby girl who knows/ We just might figure it out/ All I wanted was to let you know/ I can’t get you out of my head”

  19. “Kids of The Sun” – The Wild Wild

    kids of the sun the wild wild


    This song will fit well in an outdoor or intimate beach wedding ceremony with its sunny beats and carefree lyrics.

    It’s all about being present in the moment and living your best life with your special person – and there’s nothing better than that!

    Lyrics: “We are the gangsters of paradise/ Our hearts are pure and our love is blind/ We are the kids of the/ We are the kids of the sun”

  20. “Good Life” – Cardigan Club

    good life cardigan club


    This folk-pop song has everything you are looking for in a video about the best day of your life.

    You got the distinct banjo, acoustic drums, and chirpy tambourine all played in perfect harmony to welcome new beginnings and usher in sweet, sweet love!

    Lyrics: “Just wanna spend every day with you/ Happy with the little things we do/ Just keep a smile hold your head up high/ I promise it works every time”

Be Careful of Copyright Issues

Although you might be quick to jump on any song that you fancy, do note that commercial music is still subjected to copyright, especially if you wish to share your video online.

If you take a look at the most popular wedding videos on YouTube, including Felix and Marzia’s wedding – you will be able to find out what music licenses need to be acquired.

As you can see, just one video may require up to 15 separate music licenses from multiple music publishing companies – it is up to you to decide whether it is worth taking up the additional time, risk, and investment.

Some of the biggest names include Universal Music Publishing Group, Broadcast Music, Inc., and Composers & Authors Society of Singapore Ltd (COMPASS) that wedding videographers and couples can reach out to obtain the relevant permissions and licenses.

Fortunately, there are many other sources online where couples can get their music and a unique and beautiful masterpiece can still be produced.

There are tons of royalty-free music, unplugged covers, and affordable licenses that are much more accessible so you don’t ever have to worry about being restricted when it comes to your music options!

Find the Right Songs for Your Wedding Video

At the end of the day, you should choose songs that hold special meaning and perfectly describe the feelings and passion you have between you and your partner.

To start, you can narrow down your options by choosing a music genre such as acoustic, indie, or ballad. For scenes that have quite a bit of dialogue, adding an instrumental piece in the background will also add to the atmosphere.

We Can Make Your Dream Wedding Video Come True

If you rather not stress over the details and let the professionals do all the planning and choosing, our team at TNC Weddings has got you covered!

We have a list of wedding video songs that we can tap into that are just as romantic, enchanting, and most importantly, copyright-free – many of which are sourced from real artists!

While a picture speaks a thousand words, videos add extra layers of storytelling that is absolutely priceless.

Helping you to capture the candid moments and touching soundbites that you might have missed or already have forgotten during your wedding day, our goal is to create something that brings back the same deluge of emotions you had that day.

Our services include proposal videography, pre wedding videography, and actual day wedding videography – and it all starts from getting to know your unique love story!

If you already have a few ideas in mind, contact us today and let us transform them into a breath-taking cinematic experience for you!