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8 Unique Ideas for Wedding March-in That Adds a WOW to Your Big Day

featured image - 8 Unique Ideas for Wedding March-in That Adds a WOW to Your Big Day

Alas! Wedding bells are ringing and your big day is getting closer – while prepping for the wedding dress, cakes and décor are first on the list, many couples are now starting to incorporate more personalised details into their ceremony.

Instead of having an ordinary entrance as most weddings do, couples are taking the chance to customize their wedding march-in – injecting bits of entertainment, suspense, and lots of romance to reflect their unique and extraordinary relationship.

Despite the recent COVID-19 outbreak having a huge impact on wedding ceremonies, it seems that nothing can stop the power of love – couples and hotels are implementing preventive measures, and a couple even attending their own wedding via a live-stream.

Whether you decide to bring along an adorable llama in a tuxedo to your wedding or decide to make a grand entrance in a fancy ride, here are 8 more ideas for wedding march-in that’ll definitely be memorable:

  1. Romantic yacht entrance

    romantic yacht party - unique ideas for wedding march ins

    Nothing is more enthralling than entering your ceremony on a yacht against the idyllic backdrop of the sunset and the sea – and this is all made possible at Raffles Marina.

    Choose from a unique selection of indoor and outdoor settings that is able to fit a minimum of 30 and 130 guests respectively – complete with lavish decorations that make for an unforgettable grand entrance overlooking the marina.

    If you don’t plan to travel too far from home, Raffles Marina also offers a range of luxury yachts for a memorable wedding march-in, with plenty of photo-taking opportunities for everyone involved.

    Customers love the luxurious experience and top-notch service provided here – making your entrance is sure to be just as unforgettable as the scenery around you!

  2. Have a dance-off

    have a dance off - unique ideas for wedding march in

    Breaking out in dance as you waltz down the aisle can be a great way to shake off the nerves and kick-off the celebrations on a good note!

    You can get the bridesmaids and groomsmen to engage in a cheeky dance-off or engage the help of your family members to do a surprise dance performance, just like how the siblings of the bride did in this video:

    YouTube has plenty of inspirations to learn and choreograph your dance – remember to add in an element of spontaneity and just have fun with it!

  3. Arrive in alternative transport.

    Arrive in alternative transport - unique ideas for wedding march in

    There are so many ways you can grace the wedding aisle in style – with so many options to choose from, take your pick from scooters, motorcycles, hoverboards, and even an auto-rickshaw!

    Kombi Rocks is a place to look for when finding your dream ride – with more than 40 sets of vintage rides to choose from, this team of motorheads know just how to set you up with the perfect mobile for an insta-worthy ceremony! Besides the eye-catching fleet, their friendly and prompt service is what has kept customers coming back to engage them for their events.

    Just make sure to plan ahead and check with your wedding venue first.

  4. Incorporate your décor as part of the plan.

    Incorporate your décor as part of the plan - unique ideas for wedding march in

    Maximize your décor to work harder for you by utilizing it as part of the wedding entrance.

    Think giant handmade monograms and vintage doors, chandeliers and fairy lights, rose petals, and balloons to quickly switch the mood and light up the way for the bride and groom. Whether you are looking to go minimalistic, or all-out glitz and glamour – vendors such as The Wedding Props know just how to spruce up your venue and set up the perfect scene for your happily ever after.

    Couples who have worked with them have commended their ability to come up with beautiful concepts in a short time frame, and how accommodating the team is in collaborating with clients to bring their visions to life.

    Remember to choose a romantic soundtrack to help set the mood and focus on soaking at the moment.

  5. Carry your soon-to-be wife

    Carry your soon-to-be wife - unique ideas for wedding march in

    It’s as simple as it sounds – this idea is not only easy to pull off in any setting, but also earns the groom some extra brownie points before the bride even says “I do”.

    To score additional points, in the months prior to your wedding, include more upper-body workouts and you’ll be able to effortlessly carry your significant other while looking all suave!

  6. Do it like they do in Broadway

    Do it like they do in Broadway - unique ideas for wedding march in

    This is for the couple who wishes to bust out some impressive vocals and sing their rendition of songs like “All of Me” by John Legend or “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.

    Pick a few songs that hold significance to both of you, or if you are a rock-and-roll type of person, come up with your very own high-energy performance that has an emotional layer attached to it – it’ll definitely be a talking point for you and your friends to talk about for years to come!

  7. Get a great emcee or live band to take over

    Get a great emcee or live band to take over - unique ideas for wedding march in

    Not every couple wants something flashy – sometimes all you need is a great emcee or live band to bring meaning to your wedding.

    Connect with a team of professional live band singers and musicians to curate a playlist of beautiful tunes especially for you as you walk towards the altar. ShiLi & Adi has gained a reputation as one of the top vocal duo in the industry with their fresh piano arrangements, smooth vocal harmony, and unmistakable chemistry. They performed for various events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix and WTA Finals.

    Couples that have engaged them to perform at their wedding have received positive comments from their guests, and talk about how it brought a meaningful touch to their big day.

    If you forgot to allocate a budget for a professional, you could try asking a competent close friend to emcee at your ceremony – just make sure to plan an outline of what you would want him or her to cover on the actual day.

  8. Give it a theme

    Give it a theme - unique ideas for wedding march in

    Are both you and your partner avid Disney fans or sports fanatics? Why not try transforming your wedding into a scene straight from Cinderella, or pretend the altar is the finishing line of a race?

    You can have some of your best friends dress up as their favourite Disney characters, or turn the wedding aisle into a race track – the point is to express your shared hobbies and turn it into something magical for both you and your guests. This way, the possibilities are truly endless.

    If you have no idea where to begin – engage a wedding planner such as Chere to help you craft a themed wedding and manage every stressful detail – with glowing reviews on both Facebook and Google, customers have talked about how they were able to count on them to wonderfully execute their ideas in organised and creative ways.


The wedding march-in is one of the key highlights in a wedding and a significant milestone where the couple walks hand-in-hand, ready to embark on a new journey together.

Unique Ideas for Wedding March-in That Adds a WOW to Your Big Day

An amazing wedding march-in doesn’t just wow the crowd, but also kickstarts the beginning of a milestone with your forever partner. This is why many couples choose to have it all captured on film – enabling them to relive the most precious moments with their loved ones for years to come.

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