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Journey with TNC Weddings: as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1:
Your Needs

During our initial (secret) meeting with you, share with us your love story, and the ideas you've been considering for your proposal. No ideas yet? We've got some proposal ideas for you.

The more we know, the better equipped we'd be to aid you in making sure each step of your plan is well-covered. Together, we'll remove as many uncertainties as possible, and leave little to luck.

Step 2:
Proposal Video

Upon paying a one-time deposit, we'll reserve your requested date(s) of our availabilty for the proposal.

At this point, you'd probably have identified that one idea that might possibly be the most meaningful and impactful to your significant other (SO). With all the details you have, we'll come up with the best approach to ensure good footage wherever possible.

Step 3:
Final confirmation of
Proposal details

A week before the shoot, our experienced video team will take the lead and direct you in the various scenes — all you have to do is have fun on set!

After the shoot, just leave the post-production work to us. We'll have your video ready within three working days, so that you can share with the world that your SO is off the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

It really depends on what concept or theme you'd like to go with, the number of locations encompassed in your plan, whether your timing also requires considering the timing of specific family and friends involved, etc. 

The longest duration we've had for a proposal so far was 6 hours - started with following just the couple inconspicuously at 4pm in Jurong, and ended with their entire group of family and friends sending them off at Changi airport after dinner at 10pm in time for the couple's surprise trip to London (well, the surprise was for her).

We absolutely live for personalised experiences - those naturally bring forth the most authentic expressions. When we meet up, share with us everything you can about the two of you, his/her preferences, ideas or dreams. Although we are not event planners or profess to have the most fantastic of ideas, we might be able to suggest different approaches or perspectives for you to consider.

Whatever things you have in mind, let us know and we might be able to bring in experienced industry partners that bring your vision closer to life.

We would very much advise against it, especially if:
a) your friends don't have adequate videography equipment or experience;
b) you plan to have your proposal done in low light (like at night, or in dark locations)

If low quality and shaky clips are provided to us, more time and effort might be required to come up with a possibly passable video, but even then we won't be able to guarantee the TNC Weddings smoothness and quality of the end-result.

Just purely video-editing goes by the rate of $?? per hour, so it might actually be more cost-effective and quicker to get us to do the videography as well.


We absolutely LOVE elaborate proposals that centre your significant other. Meet up with us, and we can discuss in detail.

We will usually make our own way over, but if your proposal involves locations that require permission or payment to get to or park at (parking at places like MBS cost a fair bit more), we'll inform you of the additional charges the following day.

If you've not had the habit of bringing your significant other (SO) out on dates often, a sudden change in your dating life could let him/her get suspicious - bad enough if he/she accurately guess it's a proposal, but maybe worse still if the guess remains in his/her head and expectations develop, but nothing 'big' happens at the end of the day. #inthedoghouse 

Pro-tip: bring your SO out on unscheduled weekday dates to do different activities together. Maybe even secretly check with his/her colleagues on work timelines and apply for half-day annual leaves. With enough time for him/her to 'normalise' your randomness, his/her level of suspicion will eventually go down, raising your success probability higher!   

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