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8 Unique Ideas for Wedding Favours to Appreciate Your Guests With

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Wedding favours were traditionally given out as a passing of good luck from the couple to their guests. 

Today, giving out wedding favours is a way to thank your guests for being a part of your big day and serve as mementoes of your celebration.

However, finding gifts that are practical, meaningful, and unique can be difficult, especially if you are on a tight budget and timeline. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the wedding experience to include more intimate ceremonies and virtual solemnisations that have impacted what couples are choosing as their wedding favours.

If you need some inspiration to help you get started, we have curated 8 unique wedding favour ideas that your guests are bound to love!  

  1. Décor That Double Up as Favours
floral setup on a long table for wedding

Maximize your décor and put them to good use by repurposing them as gifts for your guests to bring home. 

Consider flower arrangements, mason jars, and fairy lights that can be used to spruce up your ceremony and in the home. 

By repurposing your décor as wedding favours, you save both time and money without compromising on the beauty of your gifts. Personalise them with a sweet message before letting your guests bring them home! 

  1. Edible Favours
lego wedding favour figurines

Surprise your guests with edible favours!

From doughnuts, macarons, cookies, and savoury pastries, edible favours can be a perfect gift if you bake your goodies with love.

If you have time to spare, bake these goodies with your significant other, your guests will feel the love both in their hearts and tummies.

If not, hit up Nanatang, a bakery that whips up tasty and gorgeous wedding cakes and customisable cupcakes, brownies, and macarons. 

They also host free live classes on Facebook for you to learn how to make your own!

  1. Personalised Artworks
Artist drawing caricature across a table

Engage the service of an artistic friend who has a small business doing design – knowing you well, he/she would be able to come up with a motif, illustration, or portrait that would be truly unique to you. At the same time, you also get to support your friend as well. #shoplocal #supportafriend #supportsmallbiz

Choose to either frame it up at the celebration, or print them out as thank you cards for your guests. Alternatively, you can purchase a bunch of mini canvas sets from Shopee and go freestyle. 

Your guests are sure to have a smile on their faces and will appreciate the extra effort put into their gift! 

  1. DIY Bar
8 Unique Ideas for Wedding Favours to Appreciate Your Guests With 1

Bars are always a welcome addition to any wedding. They are an excellent way to maximise your event space, and offer a chance for your guests to mingle and interact with one another.

Alternatively, other than an alcoholic bar, you can opt for a dessert, snacks, tea or coffee, or even a potpourri bar! Your guests get to pick out their favourites to bag home!

Attention all tea lovers: you can consider The Teh Company for their award-winning teas at their mobile tea kiosks, or engage The Tea Crafters for their Specialty Tea Blending Bar at your reception, complete with their tea experts on-site to guide your guests as they create their very own, one-of-a-kind special blend. 

8 Unique Ideas for Wedding Favours to Appreciate Your Guests With 2

As for coffee affectionados, one of the go-to artisans is Kinsmen Coffee. A great pick-me-up for your guests just before the reception so that they can hang onto every word and detail during the celebrations.

Special mention: a potpourri bar!

Since their creative bouquets caught the attention of the Straits Times a couple of years ago, Petalfoo has been constantly coming up with interesting offerings for celebrations of all sorts.

With their potpourri bar, your guests will get the unique hands-on experience to create their own little pouch of scents – a welcomed sensory-pleasing addition to their living spaces!

  1. Personalised Sunglasses
8 Unique Ideas for Wedding Favours to Appreciate Your Guests With 3

If you are hosting an afternoon outdoor wedding, Singapore’s hot and sunny weather makes giving out personalised sunglasses to all your guests a logical choice. 

By engraving your wedding hashtag on the sides of the sunglasses, this wedding favour also doubles up as the perfect photobooth prop. You can even customise a separate unique design just for your bridesmaids and groomsmen – they’ll love it!

These sunglasses from TheGlassHeartCo are available in various fonts, colours, and embellishments to customise your sunglasses, with more than 1,000 reviews from customers on how happy they are with their service!

  1. For the Little Ones
8 Unique Ideas for Wedding Favours to Appreciate Your Guests With 4

If you are expecting children at your reception, keep them entertained throughout the ceremony by introducing them to the traditional games that you enjoyed growing up! 

Make a fun pack for the little ones by gathering retro favourites like bubble wands, pick-up sticks, five stones, paper balls, chatek, and kuti kuti. 

Mtrade is a novelty store that has a 97% positive rating on Lazada that sells a bunch of old-school games and party supplies you can purchase in bulk, allowing for a wider selection of goodies and equally appreciated – cost savings! 

  1. Sustainable Favours
8 Unique Ideas for Wedding Favours to Appreciate Your Guests With 5

Many couples are now becoming increasingly aware of the wastage and environmental impact weddings contribute, resulting from the production, and packaging of unappreciated (read: not-so-useful) items.

A more sustainable choice for wedding favours is to gift sustainable cutlery or reusable totes bags embellished with lovely quotes or illustrations. 

Wforwedding offers personalised canvas tote bags and engraved chopsticks for couples who are having a more traditional ceremony. With reviews on Google commending them on their customer service and quality products, they also offer other wedding essentials like program cards! 

  1. Masks, Vitamin C and Hand Sanitisers
A bunch of coloured face masks in a hand

With the on-going Covid pandemic, gifting masks, vitamin C tablets, and hand sanitisers are probably more than welcomed as wedding favours, even over the next few years.

They make practical gifts to show that you care for your guests’ safety and health, and how much you appreciate them taking part in your big day despite these unsettling times.

Brands like Neonatal_sg are selling reusable cotton face masks that are made using 2-ply baby cotton that comes with additional filter pockets.

Customers love the array of patterns and how soft and comfortable the fabrics feel on the skin!

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