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An Anxious Bride’s Guide To Hiring The Best Wedding Videographers

video snippet of the wedding shoot and best wedding videographers

Even more than photographs, a wedding video captures the spirit and magic of your big day—in living colour. Wedding videography may not be a new thing, but more and more couples are adding talented video crews to their wedding vendor team. After all, your wedding photos and film are what you have to remember your day by!

Whether you’re interested in hiring a video crew for your wedding or have yet to consider it, we wanted to give you a heads-up on what to expect and observe as you begin to browse portfolios and meet potential wedding video production crew.

Why Hire The Best Wedding Videographers?

a camera's perspective of a wedding

Keep it for the professionals. When it comes to looking back at your wedding, having a well-choreographed and captured film brings the day back to life just by pushing play.

Having a video to accompany your photos can give you a fuller experience to look back on, but it can also be amazing to have this piece of art — starring you! Here’s what Priscilla, one of TNC Weddings’ clients, have to say:

“… our actual day wedding was captured so beautifully. Once again, lighthearted and yet touching, and I saw my sister tearing when she watched the video for the first time. I am still reeling out of the joyous occasion and have been caught by my friends, watching the wedding highlights for the umpteenth time. I watch it repeatedly only because it’s just so good.”

Before You Meet The Videographers

  1. Determine What You Want

    pre-wedding and during wedding

    Narrative, cinematic, classic, rustic, etc — Most couples would have in mind the kind of wedding video style and theme they would like for their video.

    Prior to seeking out a video crew, take a look at other wedding video productions for ideas. The good news is, these videos are aplenty on the internet! Although there are many platforms you can take inspiration from, the most popular platforms for wedding videos are Vimeo and YouTube.

  2. Consider Professional Referrals

    petalfoo and tncf

    Most wedding planners have their own list of vendors for recommendation and that’s inclusive of a handful of wedding videographers. Take advantage of this list as a stepping stone for finding an experienced and skilled wedding videography team.

    Visit the video production houses’ websites and review some of their past creations. Observe the way their videos have been choreographed:

    How were traditions portrayed?

    Did the video crew manage to capture the emotions of people well?

    What were the captured moments of the bride and groom did you like?

    Take note of the videographers and the link of the video(s) you liked for later reference.

  3. Seek Reviews

    facebook review of tnc weds

    Just before contacting the list of videographers, take time to go through comments on the company and their services. Go through reviews on their social media accounts like Facebook, instead of solely relying on testimonials provided on their websites. Reviews on Facebook would allow all comments to be displayed, both positive and negative, for better judgment.

    If all seems good, drop them a message on Facebook or give them a call.

Notice These Things When You Meet The Respective Videographers

It is best to meet with the respective wedding video crew before you and your partner commits to hiring one. Below are six questions to ask for identifying the production house that would better cater to your needs and expectations.

  1. Do they have your wedding date available?

    Wedding day calendar

    No point discussing further if they are already fully booked on your wedding day. Common peak periods of the year when most weddings are held would be in March, May, June, and all through September to December.

    A common trend of picking ‘couplet dates’ for weddings such as 2 February (02/02), 10 October (10/10), etc.. has left almost every wedding vendor fully booked on these dates of the year, especially if it falls on a weekend. If you’re planning a wedding in 2020, note these dates and make your bookings soon:

    • 2nd February, Sunday (02/02/2020)
    • 29th February, Saturday (leap year)
    • 4th April, Saturday (04/04/2020)
    • 6th June, Saturday (06/06/2020)
    • 8th August, Saturday (08/08/2020)
    • 10th October, Saturday (10/10/2020)
    • 12th December, Saturday (12/12/2020)

    Pro Tip: Book them a year before your wedding to save on price hikes! Year on year, most video companies increase the price of their packages. For example at TNC Weddings, a couple whose wedding is to be held in 2020 booked them and laid the deposit in 2018—saving money from the price hikes made in 2019 and 2020 itself!

    Check out TNC Weddings’ recently revised and evermore comprehensive suite of wedding video production packages (new price list not uploaded yet?) at competitive rates. Be sure to ‘chope’ your slot before they’re all booked out!

  2. Does this video crew primarily shoot wedding productions?

    Any skilled videographer will be able to deliver a wedding video. The difference is in whether the team understands the essence of making a good one. You’ll want to know if the crew you’re engaging in is experienced in shooting and delivering wedding videos.

    Although this is not foolproof, it is a considerably important trait to note.

  3. Is the person you’re speaking to the videographer for the actual day filming?

    planning for a wedding

    If not, make sure that you are speaking to that person, or is at least involved in the discussion.

  4. How will they coordinate the filming with other vendors?

    a couple walkdown

    Some locations require certain documents before the crew can start filming, or that they may need to bring in telephoto lenses to ensure they would still capture high-quality frames from afar.

    Ask the video crew if they will be responsible for coordinating with other vendors for your wedding, or if they would require your assistance.

  5. How many cameras will be on you?

    a camera on set

    Most wedding videography packages would cater to only one camera crew per wedding event.

    At TNC Weddings, we work in teams of two camera persons to best capture concurrent motions and emotions of the couple and guests. These precious moments can never pause in motion or be repeated for the reel.

    Pro Tip: If you require a more wholesome and holistic coverage at massive venues like churches or your wedding reception venues, consider requesting a third videographer from the team.

  6. Will the video be ready for sharing with guests during the banquet?

    a video editor editing videos for final production

    Most wedding videography companies will. However, the quality of the final production depends on the arrangements made with their video editor(s). Check with the team if your package consists of a video editor that is solely responsible for editing your wedding video.

    The owner and principal videographer of TNC Weddings, Teck Kuan, points out, “Many companies would assign a remote video editor to edit all the films of various weddings they had captured during the day”.

    He further highlights that should the wedding solemnisation and/or tea ceremony takes place just before the dinner, “this arrangement would make it impossible to deliver a well-edited and meaningful wedding production to entertain attendees of your banquet. All couples deserve the best on their wedding day”.

    Pro Tip: Having a dedicated on-site editor that exclusively edits your wedding production is a major plus! Not only will your wedding video be delivered during the banquet, but an editor that follows the crew throughout the day would also have noted all the special and intimate moments to be included in your wedding film. Last-minute changes to the final edits upon your review can also be made in time.

Before Signing The Contract

signing solemization papers

  1. Scrutinize the contract

    Upon speaking to the video crew, they will be able to point out if a custom quote or package deal will cater to your needs. Before signing the contract, be sure to look through the terms and conditions.

    Your contract should include:

    • the coverage time (how long your video crew will be at your venue)
    • number of videographers you’ll have
    • an itemized list of the finished product (duration of the video, highlight reels, trailers, digital media files)
    • logistical details (time and location)
    • cancellation policies
    • the total fee

    Get the most out of your contract! Any extras, like an engagement video session or a same-day edit, should be in the contract. If it is not outlined in the contract and you want them, ask about it.

  2. The crew is sincere and accommodating

    the tncf team

    “The highlights video was perfect, with the right balance of emotions and artful direction. The video was artistic with a creative set up. It told a story that captured the essence of the morning for our dinner guests.” – Josephine Ong, Client of TNC Weddings

    By now, you would have been able to notice certain traits and characteristics of the video crew – trustworthy, reliable, accommodating and in sync with your expectations. You’ll want to get a good vibe out of the persons handling and delivering your wedding video, and not pressured and nervous around them.

TNC Weddings is one of the few trusted wedding video production houses in Singapore. We have more than a decade of experience in delivering reliable wedding videography services. Skip the anxiety of not knowing what to expect for the perfect wedding film. Get in touch with us to find out more!