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12 Memorable Marriage Proposal Ideas That Will Make Your Girlfriend Swoon

man proposing with a ring one of the memorable marriage proposal ideas

Holding the hand of the one you’ve been with, some time ago, you came to the realisation that this person beside you is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You want the best for her, so you went online for the best engagement rings available, stealthily and successfully gotten her ring size, and finally bought one!

Nowadays, popping the question isn’t just about getting down on one knee with an engagement ring in hand. Marriage proposals come with planning for days on end and a whole lot of preparation. If you’re in a rut and have no idea how to ask the big question, here are 12 memorable marriage proposal ideas that will make your significant other fall even more head over heels in love with you!

Public Proposals

  1. Flash Mob Performance

    flash mob marriage proposal idea at a chalet

    For those bold enough to profess their love for their partners to the whole world, why not say it with song and dance? Flash mobs are one of the most unique and fun marriage proposal ideas and are a true display of public affection.

    You may remember that back in 2015, a Singaporean created the most creative marriage proposal of that time at our very own Changi Airport.

    If you are looking to break the record and go even further, there are plenty of resources online for some inspiration to surprise your life partner.

    This Flash Mob marriage proposal in London can be your starting point:

    Have you been inspired? What are you waiting for? Gather a group of performers and prepare for the greatest show of your life!

  2. Concert proposal

    concert marriage proposal ideas with two persons holding their hands

    What better way to ask for your lady’s hand in marriage than to do it with the sound of your favourite band serenading you? If you and your partner are avid music lovers, a concert proposal would definitely work. Get down on one knee as the band sings her favourite song and let the sound of her sweet “yes” be music to your ears. Support local independent bands like 3 o’Hearts Band and White Ribbon and let the sound of their melodic voices fill the air on this special day.

  3. Propose at a Famous Landmark

    marriage proposal ideas at famous landmarks like Effiel tower

    Destination proposals are becoming more popular amongst couples and it’s no question why this makes one of the best marriage proposal ideas that you can think of. Whether you’re at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or on a gondola ride in Venice, any famous landmark would make for a romantic place to propose! But if you’re looking for something that’s closer to home, why not head to a scenic beach in Bali or even the Singapore Flyer that’s overlooking the entire city?

Intimate Proposals

  1. For Just The Two of You

    marriage proposal ideas just for the couple

    Public proposals are not for everyone. Sometimes, there are people who prefer to have their special moment in private with a more personal touch. As your lady comes home from a long day at work, create a trail of flower petals from her door leading to you as you are down on one knee with candles and balloons around the room. Romantic and intimate? Nailed it.

  2. Include Your Furry Friends

    include your furry friends as part of marriage proposal ideas

    One unique way to seal the deal with your girlfriend is to have your furry friends be part of the surprise. Tie the ring around your pet’s leash and have them run to your partner with a sparkly surprise. Although it is quite tricky, this will make for an adorable proposal when pulled off!

  3. Get the Family Involved!

    involving families and friends for a marriage proposal

    If you are brainstorming marriage proposal ideas that are more personal, you may consider having her family be a part of it! Arrange an intimate dinner party with her family and have them wear customized shirts that spell out “will you marry me?” in huge letters. This is a fun way for them to participate and at the same time, make your lady feel special as you thought of her family as well.

Adventure Proposals

  1. Hiking Proposals

    marriage proposal ideas when hiking on the mountains

    For those who love mountains and the great outdoors, this one’s for you. Hiking is undeniably one of the best ways to exercise and get your heart pumping, but this is also one of the many interesting marriage proposal ideas that you can try out. We all know that Singapore is lacking in the mountains department, but there are great peaks just a short trip away like Mount Batur in Bali and Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. With panoramic views that await you and your partner at the top, it will make for the perfect backdrop for one of the biggest moments of your life.

  2. Garden Proposals

    marriage proposal at the garden
    Source: Stories With Ryan

    Whether day or night, garden proposals are one of the most versatile ways to propose for those who love the outdoors. Have your lovely lady walk through a garden filled with lush flowers and greenery as you surprise her with an intimate picnic setup. For those who wish to wait until the sun sets and for the stars to come out, light up the garden with fairy lights and candles and make a trail of petals for your partner to find you at the end of the path – flowers in hand, and a ring on the other.

    The photo was beautifully taken by Ryan Chia. Do check out his wonderful collection of wedding photos on his website!

  3. Hot Air Balloon Proposal

    marriage proposal ideas in hot air balloon

    Source: Unsplash

    Love will definitely be in the air with one of the most memorable marriage proposal ideas. For such an important milestone in your life, bold is the only way to go. Several companies within South-East Asia such as Balloons Over Bagan and Angkor Balloon provide specialized hot air balloon rides that are sure to sweep you off your feet.

    Based on reviews made on Tripadvisor, Balloons Over Bagan places a strong emphasis on safety. This can be reflected by their 19 years of excellent safety record, free of accidents and incidents.  Similarly, customers marvelled about the spectacular view of Angkor Wat, making the hot air balloon ride a memorable experience. Of course, all these without compromising safety.

    Take your love to the skies on a hot air balloon and ask for her hand in marriage as you’re overlooking sweeping views with the one you love.

Food Proposals

  1. Say it With Cake

    marriage proposal ideas with cakes

    Source: Unsplash

    Add a little fun to your proposal and ask the big question with food! If the key to your lover’s heart is through dessert, then this is the idea for you. Take her out to dinner at her favourite restaurant and secretly request for the engagement question to be written on her dessert plate at the end of the meal. Be sure to search for the right food caterer or restaurant for you to make your sweet surprise a success.

  2. Pop the Champagne

    pop the champagne

    Whether it’s in a fancy restaurant or in the comfort of your own home, have a bottle of the finest champagne in town chilled and ready as you pop the question with a hint of bubbly. Popping the question and champagne all at once – what’s not to love?

  3. Open a “Fortune” Cookie

    marriage proposal ideas with fortune cookie and a message inside

    Things don’t always have to be grand. Sometimes, less is more. Personalized fortune cookies make for a delightful way to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage. As your partner cracks her fortune cookie open, wait to see the look of surprise in her face as she sees the engagement question!

    It’s hard to be original with marriage proposals these days. But with these unique proposal ideas, there’s no way one can go wrong. Regardless of how you want to pop the big question, it would be great to capture and document this special moment as you enter this new chapter together.

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